Just a blog right now…

Hello! If you’ve miraculously stumbled upon this site somehow, then welcome! This is my space for all my thoughts and ramblings. Sometimes I come up with what I think is “sage advice” that I think people might want to hear, but definitely not my facebook friends. So this is my spot to get it all out. Maybe even help someone? Who knows.

A little about me: I am a 30 year-old web developer, mother of dragons toddlers, baking enthusiast, guitar player that does not have it all figured out. But I’ve learned some stuff along the way. A lot of what I learned is really just me re-learning life. You see, parents mean well but sometimes they don’t teach us all the right things. It’s like they told 20 year olds, “Hey, you know NOTHING about child development and haven’t taken any classes on early childhood development, but here’s a kid anyway! Try not to mess this one up”. And 99% of the time, because they have NO IDEA what they’re doing, our parents raise us the only way they know how (usually using methods their parents used), send us out into the world, and then we get to re-learn how to have a healthy relationships, how to manage stress, how to balance work and play, how to have boundaries and say no. And for some reason boomers insist that more work = more success = more happiness, but as a millenial, I know that’s definitely not the path to more happiness.

I mean, if it is, then my folks should be a lot happier than they are.

But I digress.

So this is my re-learning of the world. This space is for personal growth revelations, the lightbulb in the brain, the soup of creativity and rambling that goes on in this head of mine.

And I welcome you to join me in the journey.

With gratitude,

Alyssa M